Space Management training LP on-demand

Space Management Training

The brand new Space management module in ServiceDesk Plus on-premises helps you manage physical spaces in your organization, such as Campuses, Structures, Floors, and Rooms.

It also helps you associate amenities and facility services, such as ATM, pantry, or cab services with their respective individual spaces. You can associate requests and assets with the spaces they belong to for easier service management. The Space Tree gives you a quick view of all the spaces and their associations in your organization.

In this recorded online training you will learn how to manage your organization's physical infrastructure using the space management module available in the facilities service desk instance of ServiceDesk Plus.

Using space management, businesses can:

  • Create and manage multiple campus locations and structures of their business
  • Manage buildings along with their segmented floors and rooms available within each campus
  • Track amenities and facility services within each area around the campus
  • Document the layouts, plans, licenses, and other attachments for each area
  • Associate assets, or facility services for the structure, the floor, or the room
  • Report issues or request a service for each space

Who should participate? ServiceDesk Plus on-premises users that want to learn how to use the new space management feature. Space management will also be available to Cloud customers in the near future.


Santhosh Mahiban
Product Manager ServiceDesk Plus

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The online training is in English.