Trustwave Secure Email Server

Trust That Confidential Content Stays Confidential

Trustwave Secure Email Server

Email is a transparent communication. It's easier for someone to view email in transit than it is to eavesdrop on a phone conversation. Many organizations need email security tools to secure confidential information; others require it. Trade secrets, business plans and product development demand communication technology that ensures only approved individuals participate in the communication. Transfer of unprotected medical, legal or financial information is subject to significant fines and litigation. That's where Trustwave Secure Email Server email filtering comes in.

Trustwave Secure Email Server automatically enforces security policies and leverages content monitoring and filtering technology to meet regulatory compliance standards and protect against data leakage. It provides enhanced Public Key Infrastructure with advanced functionality for key generation, certificate harvesting, automated maintenance and centralized authentication directories. Our email security tool is ideally suited to environments where secure communication needs to be established and maintained between groups of organizations, while allowing for the flexibility to easily change membership and credentials.

Features and Benefits
How it works


  • Dedicated policy-based email encryption and digital signing
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) with S/MIME encryption standards up to Triple-DES (168-bit) cryptography
  • Works with MailMarshal SMTP, or other S/MIME gateways, to provide content monitoring and filtering of confidential messages
  • Delivers secure certificate generation technology and comprehensive support for third-party Certificate Authorities
  • Extensive certificate management capabilities, including support for Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs), automated certificate harvesting, sorting and storage
  • Centralized certificate updates through directory (LDAP) synchronization with established authentication servers
  • Extensive reports and auditing for secure communications



  • Confidential communication
  • Consistent application of security policies
  • Compliance requirements enforced
  • Centralized control of encrypted communication
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Maintenance of secure email best-practices
  • Cost effective and easy to deploy with very minimal ongoing manual administration requirements
  • Versatility and flexibility enable other organizations or specialized contributors to easily join the secure network without undue costs
  • Email encryption you can trust
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