AI-driven Microsoft Azure Monitoring

Monitor 100+ Azure products in near real-time, gain actionable alerts, and bring down resolution time using Site24x7 Azure monitoring. Get contextual information in one clear view with Site24x7's chatbot integration with Microsoft Teams to make quicker decisions.

Azure monitoring at a gance

Out-of-the-box Support for 100+ Azure Services

Whether you're running virtual machines, scale sets, storage accounts, IoT Hub, Cosmos DB or something else entirely — we've got you covered.

Listed in the Azure Marketplace

With Site24x7's extensions, get performance metrics like CPU, memory, disk usage, database calls, along with more than 50 other metrics for Windows, Linux, and .NET platforms.

AI-powered Detection & Automatic Recovery

Have a super human detect any unusual spike in key performance indicators. Respond instantly to alerts, automatically identify and stop problematic resources without manual intervention.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Ask the Site24x7 chatbot on the operational status of servers and applications; get notifications about incidents through connectors; visualize data with Site24x7's custom dashboard as a tab. 


Azure monitoring is part of Site 24x7 that is a performance monitoring solution for DevOps and IT operations.

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Auto-discover Microsoft applications

Do more than just monitor your Azure resources. Track the performance of Windows applications including SQL, IIS, Exchange, SharePoint, BizTalk, Active Directory, Failover Cluster, and Hyper-V. Just add our Azure-certified Windows VM extension and we'll take care of the rest.

Custom dashboards for smarter operations

Focus on the data you wish to see, get answers to critical questions on your Azure resource usage, and see availability of the entire Azure stack — all in one dashboard. Add your own chart, explore the various metrics that we collect, and build business-wide dashboards to view data across various service types and resources.

Deep insight on the applications in your Azure VMs

Correlate the performance of your VMs with your applications. Monitor the applications using Site24x7's more than 50 ready-to-use plugin integrations including MySQL, WebLogic, Redis, NGINX, Hadoop, and many more or build your own plugin and start monitoring your applications, databases, and more in no time.

"Site24x7 gives us deep visibility into critical performance parameters of our resources and proactive insight into areas that could become an issue before they arise. The all-in-one dashboard gives us a single pane of glass visibility without the need of shifting to multiple monitoring devices to get complete insights. Modular functionality, affordability, and ease-of-use are key factors behind our reasoning to go with Site24x7."

Matt Groves, MD

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Azure monitoring is part of Site 24x7 that is a performance monitoring solution for DevOps and IT operations.

Learn more about Site24x7