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Top 5 reports and alerts that solve common Active Directory problems

Watch Derek Melber in this solution driven on-demand webinar where he shows you how to solve some of the most common Active Directory problems, without the need for intense troubleshooting. At the root of most Active Directory issues is the fact that the changes that occur are not known or tracked. Derek will show you how to track changes, report on the changes over time, and even receive real-time alerts when key changes occur.

When you are done you will have solutions to 5 key issues and a method to solve nearly all Active Directory rooted problems.

The webinar will cover the following:

  • How to know when a user receives elevated privileges
  • Know when a Group Policy Object is changed
  • Be informed when users are locked out and where
  • See when users are delegated Active Directory permissions


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Derek Melber
Active Directory MVP

Derek Melber, Active Directory MVP, is the Technical Evangelist for the ADSolutions team at Manage Engine. Melber speaks all over the world, helping administrators better understand and solve issues with Active Directory, security, compliance and Group Policy. He has spoken at some of the biggest technical conferences such as Ignite, TechEd, MMS, RSA, MISTI, TechReady and more. Derek provides in-depth solutions around administering and auditing Active Directory. 

Watch the webinar on-demand