PAM webinar 2022 LP ON-DEMAND

Start your PAM journey:
What you need to know  

Do you know what privileged accounts you have in your organization, who have access to them and how to control that access?

Your IT organization is responsible for operating hundreds or thousands of critical systems. Every one of those systems will have multiple administrator or privileged accounts. These accounts have extra powers such as creating users or have access to confidential information. It's not just admins that need to use these accounts, also auditors and contractors like third parties’ consultants.  

These accounts are powerful, they are also number one target for malicious attacks.  

This security operation should be a top priority. If you don’t have control of your admin accounts any other security tool are unsafe because you can’t control how they are managed.  

That's why PAM (privilege access management) is one of the most important security strategy and technology, but also crucial to speed up compliance with tough regulations such as ISO and CIS (center for internet security).

In this on-demand webinar we will explain the importance of PAM, what you need to know and how you get started.  

You will learn:

  • Introduction to privileged access management 
  • The difference between privileged access management and privileged account management (both called PAM)
  • The risks associated with unmanaged privileged accounts 
  • How PAM responds to a variety of critical compliance like CIS
  • Who need a PAM solution
  • How PAM is deployed


Ganesh Chellappa
Manager of support services - privileged access management
Erik Tjärnkvist

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