Trustwave Secure Email Gateway

Comprehensive Email Gateway Security

Trustwave Secure Email Gateway

Trustwave Secure Email Gateway (formerly M86 MailMarshal SEG and Mailmarshal SMTP) provides total email content security through unified threat management, anti-spam, content security, policy enforcement and data leakage prevention. Powered by the  Defense-in-Depth Anti-spam Engine, it acts as a secure email gateway to filter all incoming and outgoing email at the perimeter. Highly scalable, flexible and easy to manage, Trustwave Secure Email Gateway can be deployed as a standalone solution or as a distributed array designed to support the largest networks, including centralized administration.

Using deep content inspection capabilities, Trustwave Secure Email Gateway scans all content—even within email attachments—giving organizations the control they need to proactively and productively exchange information without worrying about harmful data leaks.

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Key Trustwave Secure Email Gateway features include:


Enhanced Anti-Spam Protection

Provides advanced layers in the Defense-in-Depth Anti-Spam Engine to protect from evolving threats.

MailMarshal IP Reputation Service

Enables M86 MailMarshal SEG to deny connections from known spam sources in real time, before messages are transmitted, resulting in substantial bandwidth savings and efficient email spam protection.


Enables M86 MailMarshal to quickly and accurately identify and block messages generated by known SpamBots.

Blended Threats Protection

Detects known malicious URLs in email messages using the optional Blended Threats Module service.

Automated User Group Maintenance

Provides automated pruning of unused email addresses from automatically-generated user groups, maintaining efficiency and server performance.

New Outbound SMTP Authentication

Enables configuration of outbound SMTP authentication for each route within M86 MailMarshal, which is useful when ISPs require SMTP credentials to combat spammers.

Improved Inbound SMTP Authentication

Supports CRAM-MD5 for more secure authentication between servers.

Additional features include:

  • An "Upgrade Tasks' feature advises M86 MailMarshal administrators on recommended actions and newly-available features following a new release upgrade.
  • A "report spam/not spam" feature facilitates streamlined notifications to M86 Security Labs regarding missed spam or false positives.
  • All user groups M86 MailMarshal associates with a specific email address can be identified by specialized search tool.
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