Avecto Defendpoint

An integrated endpoint security suite for proactive defense in depth

Avecto Defendpoint

Avecto’s proactive endpoint security software, Defendpoint, uniquely combines the technologies of privilege management, application control and sandboxing to protect the operating system, software environment and user data from unknown cyber threats.

Defendpoint empowers employees to be free, without security compromise. Complementing existing patching and antimalware strategies, it offers strength and depth across both desktops and servers as a holistic solution to endpoint security.

Defendpoint - introduction

Balancing security and user freedom

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Privilege Management

Defendpoint Privilege Management assigns privileges to applications, not users, allowing you to remove admin rights and protect the operating system. With this flexible approach, individuals can still access the documents, tasks and scripts they need to perform their job roles so that they can be productive without security compromise.

  • Eliminate admin rights
  • Assign privileges directly to applications
  • Protect the endpoint from insider threats

Datasheet - Privilege Management

Application Control

Defendpoint Application Control solves the traditionally difficult challenge of managing business applications. With its advanced capabilities, you take a more pragmatic approach to whitelisting so that users retain the flexibility they need to be productive. Simple yet highly effective management makes it possible to maintain application control across even the largest enterprise.

  • Block unauthorized applications
  • Handle diverse user needs flexibly
  • Defend against zero day and targeted attacks

Datasheet - Application Control


Defendpoint Sandboxing extends security coverage to the most common entry point for malware and hackers - the internet. Using Windows native security to isolate web-borne threats, your corporate data is protected by a safety net, while the end user experience remains seamless.

  • Capture web-borne threats
  • Isolate untrusted activity
  • Secure your data from malware

Datasheet - Sandboxing

What makes Defendpoint unique?

Harmonized security
Combining three next generation strategies dramatically increases your overall security posture. By taking a proactive approach, you minimize risk and maximize creativity, profitability and productivity.

Unparalleled user experience
Experience customization like no other, with fully configurable user messages for effective communication and advanced options for handling exceptions.

Flexibility in design
Our flexible role-based approach brings the user’s requirements to the forefront. Defendpoint extends protection to all users, even to sysadmins in the data center, without restricting their essential activities.

Scalable architecture
You can manage Defendpoint via Microsoft Active Directory Group Policy or McAfee ePO, making it scalable across the largest enterprises, with no additional investment in infrastructure.

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