Microsoft Azure
Log Management

Securing your Microsoft Azure cloud requires you to have proper log management. 

Securing your Microsoft Azure cloud requires you to have proper log management. This involves capturing individual events or activities as logs and organizing these logs into categorical reports. The reports help identify threats and enable you to respond to malicious activity.

Cloud Security Plus from ManageEngine provides comprehensive reports that create a clear picture of the activities happening in your Microsoft Azure cloud environment. Using the filters available, you can quickly drill down to detect suspicious activity and act on it.

Log collection

The Azure activity logs tells you who conducted what operations on your resources and when. Cloud Security Plus extracts these logs via the Azure Monitor REST API, and uses them to generate comprehensive reports.

Actionable data

Predefined reports enable you to trace user activity and any changes made to network security groups, virtual networks, application gateways, traffic manager, DNS zones, virtual machines, databases, and storage accounts in your Microsoft Azure cloud.


The log search engine allows you to perform full text searches and searches by individual booleans, phrases, fields, and ranges. The search engine will look up the term in your log message and help you find what you require.


Based on how serious the event is, alerts are prioritized and categorized so that you can immediately focus on critical events to prevent a security breach.