SyncShield - Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management with ease and quality

SyncShield - Mobile Device Management

SyncShield is ultimately the best solution for businesses in need of well-designed mobile device management. SyncShield is fully automated and works always over-the-air, it supports centralized application distribution, the remote lock and wipe functions ensure mobile security and the whole mobile phone life cycle can be managed with cross-platform backups. 

SyncShield is available for iPhone, Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile and therefore the scope of supported devices reaches 90% of mobile devices used for business purposes. Different devices and platforms can all be centrally and remotely managed, no need for any additions with SyncShield!


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Mobile applications, settings & security management of your company´s mobile devices no longer have to be time consuming and complex, as SyncShield makes it easy! Here are some of the SyncShield benefits which will help your company to prosper!

  • SyncShield reduces significantly the management costs of mobile devices. Cost savings can be as high as 50% if the whole mobile fleet is powered with SyncShield.
  • All SyncShield functions are operating over-the-air so no one has to waste time by taking the mobile device to the IT department. No end user interaction is needed!
  • SyncShield supports iPhone, Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms and all mobile devices running on different platforms can be handled from one server installation. 
  • Comprehensive feature set enables the device operability throughout the entire device lifecycle. Changing a platform between phones lifecycles isn´t a problem at all, SyncShield supports also this. 
  • Every mobile device can be controlled individually and as a part of the whole mobile fleet which makes operating with SyncShield fast and efficient. Configurations can be made to all mobile devices at the same time with one command. 
  • The irreplaceable and secret data of the mobile devices is properly secured with over-the-air backup, lock and wipe. 
  • SyncShield is a light solution for the mobile devices so the operations won´t create any latency or problems to the end user. 
  • SyncShield is offered as three different solutions: hosted service (ASP), managed service (MSP) and In-House. This will guarantee that you will get the solution that best suits your company. 
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