ServiceDesk Plus Masterclass

ServiceDesk Plus online utbildning för on-premises kunder med syfte att hjälpa dig lösa vardagliga problem som kan uppstå i servicedesken.

Service request:
Simplified employee onboarding

Learn how to help new employees have a great first day by simplifying the on-boarding process, designing request workflows, and facilitating a better user experience.

A rapidly growing company gets about 15 employee onboarding requests a month, and seasonal and contract hires can reach the hundreds.


    • Manual errors in processing forms
    • Mix-ups in roles, devices, software, and access provisioning
    • Poor response from service desk teams and ineffective escalation mechanisms

With ServiceDesk Plus you can:

  • Build intelligent onboarding forms
  • Trigger tasks sequentially
  • Validate dates using built-in custom scripts
  • Ensure assets are provisioned on time

2. Incident management: Building a highly responsive service desk

Learn how to respond to security incidents by automating notifications, prioritizing tickets, and quickly assembling an incident response team.

The IT service desk team walks into the office on Monday morning to find users waiting at their desks. Several critical applications stopped working over the weekend, and users are frustrated. The IT service desk team has to find a resolution quickly while addressing users' concerns.


    • Influx of help desk calls from users
    • Delayed notifications of outage to IT
    • Scrambling to form an incident response team
    • Long resolution times
    • Absence of root cause analysis (RCA) for further investigation

With ServiceDesk Plus you can:

  • Send outage announcements to prevent new ticket creation
  • Assemble an incident response team quickly
  • Collaborate to achieve quick resolution
  • Automate request closures, and initiate RCA

3. Hardware asset management: Bringing all your assets under one roof

Learn how to manage vulnerable assets with complete visibility into your asset estate by identifying critical assets and taking proactive measures to secure them.


Microsoft released patches to mitigate the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities in early 2018, and the IT department was responsible for rolling out patches without impacting business operations.


    • IT asset estate has different types of assets and components
    • Asset information is scattered in different places
    • The current status and usage of an asset is unavailable
    • Unable to identify critical assets

With ServiceDesk Plus you can:

  • Inventory all the assets in your organization
  • Organize and classify assets based on business impact
  • Identify vulnerable assets
  • Track the status of assets

4. Software asset management:
One app for all the other apps

Learn how to get answers to all software compliance and audit questions by monitoring software licenses in real time.

Two companies just merged and now have to avoid compliance issues while maximizing IT asset utilization and reducing costs.


    • Lack of visibility into purchased software
    • License information and keys stored in different tools
    • Unique contractual requirements
    • License expiration or contract information unknown

With ServiceDesk Plus you can:

  • Scan for IT assets and get the required information
  • Inventory and classify software
  • Manage different types of licenses
  • Decommission and reconcile licenses
  • Get real-time information required for compliance audits


5. Change and project management: A pacer for your IT marathon

Learn how to align bold business objectives with big IT goals by streamlining IT change management while minimizing the risk associated with the change and ensuring high service availability.


    • Lack of transparency in the process flow
    • Reluctance to adhere to workflow
    • Frequent disruptions to business operations
    • Inefficient resource management
    • High change failure rates

With ServiceDesk Plus you can:

  • Record all change details in one place
  • Secure approval from all stakeholders (CAB)
  • Plan for implementation, downtime, and contingencies
  • Break down the implementation into projects
  • Minimize disruptions with scheduled notifications

Change Management i praktiken

Detta whitepaper ger dig en inblick i hur Change Management fungerar i praktiken. Ta del av studieresultat, statistik och kunskap som hjälper dig att få en bättre förståelse för principerna bakom. Och inte minst praktiska tips från erfarna Change Managers.

Ladda ner whitepaper

6. ManageEngine integrations: Unleash the power of 360-degree ITSM

Learn how to turn your IT service desk into a control center by bringing contextual information from various IT management applications into your IT service desk tool.

Integrate with:

  • Desktop Central to deploy software, manage patches and profiles, and remotely connect to endpoints from within tickets
  • Mobile Device Manager Plus to enroll devices, configure profiles, and track your company's mobile assets from within tickets
  • OpManager to convert network alarms into support tickets automatically and automate workflows based on predefined network error conditions
  • ADManager Plus to create, update, or delete users in Active Directory and unlock users' AD accounts from within tickets
  • Site24x7 to convert downtime alerts into tickets using preconfigured rules, and respond to alerts faster

7. Analytics: Get a holistic view of your IT service desk

Learn how to leverage analytics to get a holistic view of your service desk performance and efficiently manage people, processes, and assets.

  • Improve technician performance by understanding their behavior
  • Discover the process gaps that cause delay, and take action
  • Reduce costs by analyzing asset utilization

ServiceDesk Plus

ServiceDesk Plus är en helpdesklösning med stöd för ITSM-processer att växa i för alla typer av organisationer som vill leverera service i världsklass.

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