A distributor with a passion for improvement

Inuit has always been all about making people's everyday lives simpler, more efficient and safer.

We deliver smart & efficient IT solutions

For more than 20 years, we’ve helped people and companies in the Nordic market with so much more than just technology and support.

That’s why we prefer to talk about how we deliver solutions and experiences that provide concrete customer benefits, rather than focusing on products.

We want our customers to get the most out of us, and we want them to feel confident that they’ll always get what suits them best.

What we believe in


Both our customers and the manufacturers should feel that they can count on us, and we’ll always go the extra mile for them.


Our knowledge and expertise should always be world-class, and we only sell solutions that we believe in.


We aim to help our customers find solutions to their problems through webinars, educations and articles, among other things.

Exclusive solutions from selected vendors

More than one million Nordic citizens use our IT solutions every day at work, something we’re very proud of.

Therefore, it is obvious to us that it is their wishes and questions that drive us and our product choices forward.

That’s also why we have such a close relationship with our vendors, whose products you can’t find anywhere else than with us.

We have both customers and vendors who have been with us since the beginning, and I think that's because they can feel that our concern is genuine.

- Thorir Eggertsson, COO and founder of Inuit

Reliable partners are vital

Our partners are crucial to us and our success, and we take our partnerships very seriously.

Thanks to our partners, we have been able to grow and develop in a way that would not have been possible otherwise.

That’s why we invest in deep relationships and close collaborations where we are proactive in our commitment so that both sides can flourish.

What are your challenges?

With our expertise in cyber security and IT management, you can use us as a springboard for your challenges.

We only recommend solutions that we believe would suit your business.

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