Our corporate social responsibility

We see our corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a way to contribute to a better future from an economic, environmental and social perspective.

We support FUB

Every year, we support a charity that we think do an important community effort to contribute to a better future.

We support FUB, The Swedish National Association for People with Intellectual Disability, that is an advocacy organization working to enable children, young people and adults with an intellectual disability to live a good life.


In previous years, we have supported these charities

  • 2022 UNHCR i Ukraina
  • 2021 Läkare utan gränser
  • 2020 Mind - kämpar för psykisk hälsa
  • 2019 WWF: Östersjön & svensk natur
  • 2018 Hjärt-Lungfonden
  • 2017 SOS Barnbyar
  • 2016 Cancerfonden
  • 2015 UNICEF
  • 2014 Barncancerfonden
  • 2013 Rädda Barnen
  • 2012 Hand in Hand
  • 2011 WWFs klimatarbete
  • 2010 Hand in Hand
  • 2009 Barncancerfonden
  • 2008 Ecpat Sverige (mot barnsexhandel)
  • 2007 Cancerfonden
  • 2006 Rökfri ungdom
  • 2005 Cancerfonden

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