Our corporate social responsibility

We see our corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a way to contribute to a better future from an economic, environmental and social perspective.

We support Doctors Without Borders and UNHCR in Unkraine

Every year, we support a charity that we think do an important community effort to contribute to a better future.

We support Ukraine through a contribution to the UNHCR and their important humanitarian work to help people in need.

We support Doctors Without Borders, MSF. Together we contribute to life saving health care - no matter who, where and why.

In previous years, we have supported these charities:

  • 2020 Mind
  • 2019 World Wide Fund for Nature WWF
  • 2018 Hjärt-Lungfonden
  • 2017 SOS Barnbyar
  • 2016 Cancerfonden
  • 2015 UNICEF
  • 2014 Barncancerfonden
  • 2013 Rädda Barnen
  • 2012 Hand in Hand
  • 2011 WWFs klimatarbete
  • 2010 Hand in Hand
  • 2009 Barncancerfonden
  • 2008 Ecpat Sverige (mot barnsexhandel)
  • 2007 Cancerfonden
  • 2006 Rökfri ungdom
  • 2005 Cancerfonden

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