Enterprise self-service portal in ServiceDesk Plus on-deamnd

Learn how to build an enterprise self-service portal that meets your business requirements

In this recorded online training you learn how to build an enterprise self-service portal in ServiceDesk Plus (on-premises). Enabling employee access to IT and other business services that are available for the users. Also, we discuss Enterprise Service Management (ESM) practices and how ESM can help businesses drive employee experience and efficiency.

In this training we discuss:

  • The enterprise servicedesk capabilities of ServiceDesk Plus
  • The enterprise self-service portal customizations available in ServiceDesk Plus
  • Helping HR teams set up an HR service desk with necessary automation to track employee health.
  • Streamlining the servicedesk operations of the facilities department
  • Constructing widgets, service-service portal enhancements, and more

Who should watch: ServiceDesk Plus customers (on-premises) that would like to learn about how to customize enterprise self-service portals. You are probably an admin on your system.


Santhosh Mahiban
Product Manager ServiceDesk Plus

Online Training

The online training is in English.