Christer Forsberg

Sales & Project Advisory

Hailing from the Skellefteå region as a curious Northerner, Christer was drawn to the allure of the big city and made an early move to Stockholm. His first job was as an engineer at SRA, which later transformed into Ericsson Radio Systems in Kista, now a global leader in mobile communication. Throughout his career, Christer has held significant roles in IT at companies such as Siemens, Absolut Vodka, Vin & Sprit AB, Transmode, and Infinera Corporation, accumulating vast experience in various forms of IT management.

A self-proclaimed tech enthusiast, Christer thrives on structure and control, working to optimize organizations and systems for maximum efficiency. As a Business Advisory and Project Specialist at Inuit, he assists new and existing clients in enhancing their IT solutions.

During his leisure time in the summer, Christer can often be found on the water indulging his passion for sailing. But he also makes time for motorcycle rides, skiing down slopes, and exploring the world through travel.