CMDB guide  from theory to practice.

CMDB guide 
from theory to practice

In this guide you will get a basic understanding of what configuration management database (CMDB) is and its processes, as well as how to implement CMDB, from theory, to practical use in your organization.

A practical deployment is included, you will follow the company Basalt AB through their deployment and find out what they learned by implementing CMDB

Questions answered in this guide

What is CMDB?

We start from the ground up by looking into what CMD is and its relationship with ITIL.

What does CMDB consist of?

You will learn about the components of CMDB and how they work together.

What benefits do you get from CMDB?

We look at the benefits to your business of using CMDB.

How do you implement CMDB?

You get five steps for a successful CMDB implementation.

What impact can you expect?

We look at KPIs to measure the impact of introducing CMDB.

Use case

Learn how Basalt successfully implemented CMDB and what benefits they could measure.

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