Grey Wizard webinar 2018 LP-ondemand

Website security 101:
How to protect your website, web applications and API from hackers

Security reports like Allianz Risk Barometer have included cyberthreats as number 1 risk for businesses in 2018. For today’s cybercriminals websites, online shops and APIs are extremely valuable targets as they process sensitive information and are critical for many organizations.

Watch this webinar to learn not only how hackers attack e-commerces, websites and other parts of the web infrastructure but also what is the new trend of fighting back.

3 reasons why you should watch this webinar:

  1. Understand why hackers perform attacks of web infrastructure
  2. Learn about the most frequent attack scenarios
  3. Get insight into newest trends before considering buying a web protection

This webinar is brought to you by Grey Wizard and Inuit.


Wojciech Maciejewski
Product Development Manager at Grey Wizard
Thorir Eggertsson
Founder of Inuit

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