Safe-T Cyberattacks webinar 2021 LP on-demand

The explosion of cyber attacks and how to prevent them in 2021

Cyber attacks were on the rise in 2020, leading to numerous warnings by the FBI, Interpol, SEC, and more. As terrible as it was, there's a lot we can learn from these attacks and how to prevent them going into 2021. 

In this on-demand webinar, we breakdown several major attacks, why they happened, and what we can learn from them to prevent them from happening again.

For each attack, we'll cover:

  • An overview of what happened
  • Full attack description and flow
  • Attack damages to the company
  • Why the attack happened
  • How the attack could have been prevented.

Watch the webinar

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Who should watch? Everyone that wants to learn more about what we can learn from recent cyberattacks and how they could be prevented.


Eitan Bremler
Co-Founder & VP Corporate Development
Safe-T Data
Andrew Thomson
Product Manager & Moderator