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Robust password solutions for Active Directory

In order to protect our passwords against the latest attacks, the password policy must be enhanced. Microsoft has not updated the security for our password policies in over 15 years, so the time is now.

Join Derek Melber, Active Directory MVP, during this on-demand webinar where he first cover the basics of Microsoft password policy solutions, then cover how attackers are successfully attacking passwords made with these weak controls. Finally, he uncover a more in-depth and secure method for securing passwords for all your Active Directory users.

4 reasons to watch this webinar:

  • Learn the weaknesses of the Microsoft Password policy
  • Understand how attackers are using weak password controls
  • See how simple changes in password controls can help secure passwords
  • Discover an easy solution to increasing the overall password policy controls in your environment 


About the speaker

Derek Melber
Active Directory MVP

Derek Melber is the Technical Evangelist for the ADSolutions team at Manage Engine. Melber speaks all over the world, helping administrators better understand and solve issues with Active Directory, security, compliance and Group Policy. He has spoken at some of the biggest technical conferences such as Ignite, TechEd, MMS, RSA, MISTI, TechReady and more. 

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