The visual change workflow builder

Take a look at the big picture of your change management processes with the enhanced change management module in the cloud version of ServiceDesk Plus.



Design your change management processes on a drag-and-drop canvas, and tie your workflows to custom change templates to control the entire life cycle of your change processes.


Simplify change implementations with dynamic change workflows

Build visual change workflows on a drag-and-drop canvas. Customize change workflows on the go according to your business' demands.

Maximize flexibility custom stages and statuses

Gain a better understanding of your change management processes with six custom stages and assign these six stages their own statuses.

Improve control with change workflow actions

Gain more control over your change processes by adding actions such as notifications, field updates, approvals, conditions, and switches across the life cycle of your changes.

Handle all types of changes effectively with unique change templates

Create custom change templates, then associate them with change workflows to easily handle changes of all types, sizes, and complexities.

Provide refined access with change roles

Provide view, edit, and approval permissions to various stakeholders across the life cycle of a change by defining change roles.

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