SyncShield MDM for Service Providers

Easy Smartphone management for Service Providers

SyncShield MDM for Service Providers

Smartphone management is a growing market as people are realising how mobile devices are creating a door for all kinds of threats. Mobile security management is important to anyone wanting to save the valuable data on the phone and protect it from unauthorised use. Mobile application management helps companies save a lot of time money on IT support. With SyncShield Smartphone management is possible on all mobile operating systems without any end user interaction from a single server.

Business Cases
Case Studies

SyncShield enables you to offer better services for customers cost-efficiently. 

With SyncShield you can:

  • Increase your revenues 
  • Expand your product portfolio 
  • Offer more value for your current customers 
  • Minimize your delivery & helpdesk costs

SyncShield is an ideal solution for service providers (ASP/MSP/Operator/System Integrator) to solve the daily Smartphone management challenges of their enterprise customers. We at Capricode are strongly committed to support our service provider partners as we know it is the only way to ensure happy end-customers and better business for all.

You can offer SyncShield to your customers as:

  • Hosted Solution 
  • Managed Service 
  • In-House installation

Build and manage your comprehensive mobile offering with SyncShield!

With SyncShield and selected mobile solutions you can offer comprehensive mobility for your customers:

  • Buid your mobile offering with Syncshield MDMSeveral customers can be served from a single SyncShield server 
  • New customer accounts can be created in minutes to the server
  • Enables the centralized and remote management of mobile applications, device settings and their security
  • Unique architecture for the management of multi-level organizations enables customized Smartphone management operations for different parts of the customer organisation
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