Trustwave WebMarshal

Secure Web Gateway

Trustwave WebMarshal

Trustwave WebMarshal is a Secure Web Gateway - a comprehensive solution which addresses the full spectrum of Web-based security threats as well as the many requirements and issues that arise in managing workplace Internet use. Trustwave WebMarshal is the answer to managing and securing Internet use for any size or type of organization.

Trustwave WebMarshal software is deployed between your organization and the Internet where it inspects all incoming and outgoing Web traffic. It protects your organization and your users from Internet threats including, malware, viruses, blended attacks and attempted fraud. Trustwave WebMarshal ensures that workplace Internet use is appropriate and complies with company policies. And, WebMarshal monitors and controls the flow of information in and out of your organization, protecting confidential information and intellectual property.

Trustwave WebMarshal software is the solution to a wide range of Web security issues in one seamless, easy to use, highly scalable, dependable and cost effective solution.

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Features and Benefits


  • Provides content monitoring and filtering with deep content inspection of all email, including attachments
  • Protects against malware with anti-virus and anti-spyware scanning between mailboxes and Exchange servers
  • Automatically enforces organizational acceptable use and email security policies
  • Ensures compliance with industry regulations and government legislation
  • Provides essential anti-spam protection
  • Controls data leakage prevention (DLP) with lexical dictionaries, file identification and fingerprinting technologies
  • Facilitates archiving with precise message classification and advanced message searching
  • Analyzes images in email and attachments to identify and block pornography (optional)
  • Provides comprehensive and meaningful reporting on all email activity
  • Easy to use with simple, intuitive administration and automation, including Active Directory user synchronization


  • Enforced corporate use policy and regulatory compliance
  • Prevents data leakage
  • Mitigates content-related legal liability
  • Protects reputation against damaging or embarrassing content
  • Safe and more productive work/learning environment
  • Improved network efficiency and cost savings
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Low total cost of ownership
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