Trustwave Secure Web Gateway

Unified Web security gateway solution

Trustwave Secure Web Gateway

Trustwave Secure Web Gateway delivers patented, active real-time content analysis, URL filtering, content caching and application control technologies.

The complete family of Trustwave Secure Web Gateway products provide large enterprises and medium-sized organizations with a unified Web security solution, which enables productivity, compliance, liability and bandwidth control as well as multi-layered Web security.

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Trustwave Secure Web Gateway delivers:

  • Web security: Patented, real-time code analysis engine and optional anti-virus modules
  • Productivity, liability and bandwidth control: URL filtering, content caching and application control technologies
  • Data Leakage Prevention (DLP): Inspection of outbound communications for sensitive/confidential data, even when hiding in HTTPS/SSL
  • Flexible central management: Central management from the same Web-based console (including monitoring and controlling HTTP, FTP and SSL traffic)
  • Powerful logging and reporting: Clear visibility into the entire organization's Web traffic
  • Integrated mobile and branch office web security: Cloud based services provide a hybrid, integrated solution to protect on premise, branch office, and mobile laptop users
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