Safend Data Protection Suite

Complete Visibility, Control and Protection

Safend Data Protection Suite

Safend's Data Protection Suite delivers complete visibility, control, and protection of enterprise endpoints. Safend Data Protection Suite is intuitive to manage, almost impossible to circumvent, and guarantee connectivity and productivity, without sacrificing security or performance. Safend provides a comprehensive data protection solution in a single product, with a single management server and a single, lightweight agent.

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Safend Data Protection Suite allows you to:

  • Instantly Assess your current security status with Safend Auditor
  • Precisely Control physical ports and devices with Safend Protector
  • Transparently Protect your laptops, desktops, and removable storage with Safend Encryptor and Safend Protector Removable Media Encryption
  • Easily Monitor your security and operational status with Safend Reporter
  • Centrally Manage all security features with Safend’s enterprise grade management infrastructure

Endpoint Visibility

As the use of devices connected to laptops, desktops, and other network endpoints have exponentially grown, security monitoring has not kept pace.  Thus, devices accessing a secure network via WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, FireWire, PCMCIA, serial and other ports may be totally unknown to network administrators.

Visibility: Safend Auditor
Rapid, non-intrusive, clientless auditing of all devices currently or historically connected to endpoints via USB, Firewire, PCMCIA or WiFi ports.

Locating and Mapping Sensitive Data

Industry statistics consistently show that the most significant security threat to the organization comes from within. With over 60% of corporate data residing on endpoints, gateway solutions and written security policies alone cannot mitigate the risk.

Mapping: Safend Discoverer
locate and map sensitive data stored on organizational endpoints and networks shares. Running in the background with minimal impact on productivity.

Content Inspection and Filtering

Sensitive data can exit organizational boundaries through multiple channels; it can be
sent via email or posted on the web. While some data transfer channels can be partially disabled to minimize the risk, few organizations can completely disable outbound data traffic without dramatically affecting productivity.

Inspection: Safend Inspector
inspect, classify and block leakage of sensitive content through email, IM, Web, external storage, printers and more.

Productivity with Control

Employees love the productivity and entertainment benefits that convenient endpoint connections like USB and WiFi bring to their professional computing environments, while security professionals are wary of the uncontrolled endpoint access these connections provide.  Removable media devices can easily circumvent even the most rigorous data security policy, exposing the organization to data leakage, targeted attacks using the desktop as a gateway, and regulatory compliance violations.

Control: Safend Protector
Granular device and port control based on customized, administrator-defined policies. Protects all local, physical and wireless communications ports.

Complete Data Protection

Laptops have become a significant part of an organization’s computing fleet. The mobility and convenience that make laptops so useful to employees and organizations also make them a weak spot in enterprise data security. 
While the cost of replacing software and hardware for a lost or stolen laptop is limited, the lost data may cause tremendous damage to the organization when it falls into the wrong hands.

Protection: Safend Encryptor
Comprehensive hard disk encryption with intuitive management, completely transparent to end-users and administrators, easy data recovery, and stringent security.

Constant Security Monitoring

With the regulatory compliance reporting mandates of Sarbanes Oxley, (SOX), HIPAA, PCI, FISMA, BASEL II, UK Data Protection Act (DPA) and others, the effective use of data security intelligence has become increasingly important and the need for comprehensive reporting is more prevalent than ever.

Monitoring: Safend Reporter
Comprehensive, easy to use analysis tool for data security and compliance reporting.

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