Secure file exchange or large files


With Cryptshare you can exchange large files of up to 2GB per transfer with anybody you need to and between many kinds of devices enhancing mobility and taking pressure off your e-mail system. All you require is internet access, a browser and an e-mail account. In addition we provide a simplified solution for MS Outlook and Lotus Notes e-mail client users making the value of Cryptshare widely accessible.

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Cryptshare - How it works

All transfers are strongly encrypted and can as an option be made even more secure with authentication using passwords. Cryptshare provides log files allowing you to audit and trace all activity, who, when, where to and from plus details of the file size and type. Cryptshare is also a two way street: You can allow access for your customers, clients and business partners enabling them to transfer files back to you into your e-mail domain without creating user accounts or complex encryption algorithms. It is quick, easy and safe.

There are four simple steps to safe and easy file transfer:

1) Enter your own contact data.
2) Specify your chosen recipients and a password. If you want to, add a message.
3) Select the files to be transferred from whichever sources you are allowed to use.
4) Finally provide your selected password to the recipient by phone, SMS, separate e-mail or use pre-agreed passwords.

You are immediately notified, along with the recipient, when your files are available and again when they are downloaded by each recipient. You will also be notified if a wrong password is used more than a specified number of times.
Cryptshare is protected as part of your own IT infrastructure and is available as an appliance, virtual appliance or as software you can install on your own web server. No client software is needed allowing a wide variety of devices to benefit from Cryptshare whilst ensuring your data remains inside your firewall.

Stay in control using Cryptshare

Since Cryptshare is part of your IT infrastructure and all participants communicate directly with your Cryptshare system, you're in control of all file transfers and the policies used to administer these.
Cryptshare can be combined with an Anti-Virus or malware scanner for extra protection, making it even safer.
The user interface that your team see can be customized with your company branding using a simple configurator so you can easily integrate Cryptshare into your web site or intranet making it widely available.
With policy settings you can define who can use the system and in which way. For example you can allow all of your employees to be able to send to the world or only to certain recipients. It is up to you and your policies.

Safe – secure – easy

Cryptshare uses the https protocol which requires only one server certificate. No certificate exchange between users is needed. You decide how safe your https encryption is by using a 128bit or 256bit SSL certificate, and when stored, your data is by default AES 256 bit encrypted.
Cryptshare can be set up and running in less than two hours or immediately using our pre-configured hardware or virtual appliances.

Minimum administrative attention required

Once installed, Cryptshare just does what it's supposed to do: safe and secure file transfer. No user administration is required, no client software is needed and storage gets cleaned up automatically so that files are not left accessible for any longer than is necessary.
The automatic update service keeps your Cryptshare appliance up to date with new versions and latest features at all times.
Try Cryptshare for free now.

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