Check Point 3D Security

Combining policies, people and enforcement for unbeatable protection

Check Point 3D Security

Check Point 3D Security

What is 3D Security?


Check Point 3D Security vision redefines security as a 3-dimensional business process that combines policies, people and enforcement for stronger protection across all layers of security—including network, data and endpoints. To achieve the level of protection needed in the 21st century, security needs to grow from a collection of disparate technologies to an effective business process. With 3D Security, organizations can now implement a blueprint for security that goes beyond technology to ensure the integrity of all information security.

Check Point 3D Security enables organizations to redefine security by integrating the 3 following dimensions into a business process:

Policies People Enforce
Policies that support business needs and transform security into a business process Security that involves People in policy definition, education and incident remediation

Enforce, consolidate and control all layers of security- network, data, application, content and user

Check Point’s latest version of its leading network security suite, Check Point R75, is the first release to implement elements of the Check Point 3D Security vision.

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