Cryoserver - Email Archiving

Secure, Fast & Reliable Archiving & Storage of Emails

Cryoserver - Email Archiving

The Cryoserver™ email archiving solution allows organisations to collect, store and save every email and instant message in a secure, tamper-evident repository. Users can sift through catalogued data quickly and easily – where email and attachments can be found in split seconds.

Safely stored and never edited, the Cryoserver archive allows forensic eDiscovery of an organisation’s entire email history. The stored data is readily available for any need in a Legal Procedure, Dispute Resolutions, HR investigations, Subject Access Requests, Freedom of Information requests, Regulatory Compliance or Data Protection.

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Why Cryoserver?
Deploying alternativs

Cryoserver is a carrier-grade forensic email archiving and email compliance solution. Enterprises, businesses, and government entities depend on Cryoserver to reliably retain and access critical business, operational, and publicly held email information. Cryoserver is a combination of a forensically compliant email archiving solution and a simple, intuitive search interface which enables employees to access their emails quickly and easily.

Cryoserver gives its users a full record of all emails sent to, from, and within an organisation. It stores them in a tamper-evident repository that is suitable for legal and regulatory compliance and gives email data evidential weight. Cryoserver allows end user access via an excellent search engine which permits emails to be found and processed directly from the archive.

Cryoserver is designed to provide the combination of:

  • High levels of information assurance
  • A complete, unbroken forensic record of email communications which is separate from existing operational systems and administration.
  • Adherence to data protection requirements.
  • Audited, reliable records for mediation and risk reduction purposes.
  • End user access which improves employee efficiency.
  • Reduced strain on existing IT infrastructure.
  • Scaling to grow with an organization’s needs

Cryoserver is a plug-and-play solution which does not require lengthy implementation or on-going configuration by customers.

  • A simple solution that is affordable enough to be used by small businesses and scalable enough for deployment by global enterprises and service providers.
  • Available as a choice of stand-alone appliance, virtualised server, software, or a managed service.

Users Of The Cryoserver  benefit from:

  • Fast access to critical information in response to disputes and compliance requests
  • Saving time and money by eliminating dependence on searching back-up tapes
  • Best practice in the Workplace are encouraged by employee awareness of Cryoserver’s deployment
  • High standards of data privacy and protection brought about via:
    1. strict auditing of searches to ensure that investigators remain within the confines of the investigation, and;
    2. limiting search activity to investigators without the need to involve technical specialists or others.
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