About Inuit

Inuit AB

Inuit is a distributor who works exclusively with selected manufacturers in IT security and simplified IT administration. Our goal is to use simple systems and software products to help businesses to solve critical business problems. Every day we and our vendors helps over 3000 clients to achieve greater efficiency and safety by using  our Swedish organization for support and consulting services such as implementation help and guidance. About one million Swedes is protected in their work environment using our solutions. These solutions span the areas of client security, web security, email security, information security, log management, identity management, patch management, software management, help desk and monitoring systems and privilege management.

Our vision

Inuit vision is to provide the Swedish IT managers a quiet night's sleep.

Our strategy

We achieve our vision by being careful in our choice of solutions, solutions that solve critical business problems with high quality, be active in our engagement with partners and customers in the information about these solutions and help businesses become more efficient and safer. Our two main focuses of our activities will help us a lot when our security is selected from an administrative perspective, and our management products are selected from a security perspective, this gives us a new dimension of business evolution.

Innovative solutions in cutting edge technology and frequent needs of the market, long-standing supplier relationships with the exclusive right, close relationship and active dialogue, both with partners and end customers, support and training in class is what distinguishes us in the Swedish IT market.

Our company has triple-A, the highest credit rating in the Soliditet evaluation system, which is based on approximately 2,400 decision parameters. This information is completely up to date and is refreshed daily via the Soliditet database.